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Fee Refund Rules

For Advanced Scholar's Program (ASP) and
Young Scholar's Program (YSP) divisions

  1. Percentage (%) amount of refund with respect to I-Installment Deposit (Only on Tuition fee) from the Prescribed Date of Commencement of Classes:
  2. Week V VI VII VIII
    % Fee Refund (I-Installment) 90% 75% 50% 25%
    % Fee Refund (II-Installment) 100%  100%  100%  100%
  3. Percentage(%) amount of refund with respect to II-Installment Deposit (from the Prescribed Date of Commencement of Classes):
  4. Week IX X XI XII XII+ Onward
    % Fee Refund (I-Installment) 0% 0% 0% 0%  0%
    % Fee Refund (II-Installment) 100%  75%  50%  25%  0%

Important Note:

  1. Registration Fee (RF) will not be refunded.
  2. The refund will be applicable only on TUITION FEE.
  3. From the remaining course fee (Total Tuition Fee - Registration Fee (RF)); the student will be deducted following flat Tuition Fee Amount (and applicable taxes):
    • For JEE (Main+Advanced) - ASP division: 25000+Taxes.
    • Pre-Medical - ASP division: 25000+Taxes.
  4. A fee refund application submitted after 12 weeks from the commencement of the class shall not be accepted for fee refund due to the above reasons and no 'fee refund' shall be applicable & given to the student under any circumstances.


  1. Number of weeks for the calculation of fee refund amount will be calculated from the date of commencement of regular classes (Online/Offline) (As mentioned in the academic calendar) till the date on which refund of fee is applied for.
  2. The date of commencement of classes will be considered as mentioned in the Academic Calendar and not from the date on which the student joins the institute/ attends the classes or deposits the fee even if he/she is a latecomer to the institute.
  3. Refund amount shall be calculated on the Tuition fee. (As mentioned in the course fee structure).

Process for Fee Refund:

If a student wants to leave the institute and opts for fee refund; he/she should follow the under mentioned steps:
  1. Collect the pre-formatted application of fee refund from institute's fee counter and fill it completely.
  2. Submit the filled-in refund application along with attachments (Original Fee Receipt(s), Original Identity Card at Institute's Fee Counter.
  3. Collect the Acknowledgment Receipt of Refund Application duly signed & stamped by institute's authority and keep it for future reference.
  4. It is mandatory to submit a cancelled Cheque along with Application Form for fee refund.
  5. The fee refund transfer shall be done within 21 working days from the refund application.
  6. If the student/parents face any problem in the process of course fee refund; the office of Manager-Operations/ Centre Manager can be approached personally/telephonically or through letter/e-mail/fax etc.
  7. The student/parents should understand that fee refund is a part of institute's policy and we follow the refund rules & regulations as mentioned above in letter & spirit. However, if the request of refund is submitted (in written with required documents) after the 'refund dates' are over, the institute shall not entertain it. Moreover, refund requests made verbally/orally or through telephone/e-mail/fax shall also not be entertained.
  8. Any legal matter/dispute related to fee refund is subject to Udaipur City (Rajasthan) Jurisdiction only. Institute Management reserve the sole right to decide in the matter of fee refund.